joint programme
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Joint Programme Development English Glossary (Arqus I -WP 3.5)

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jointly planned and developed programme including a strong integration of both curriculum and organisation at the participating partner institutions. Joint programmes lead to single national, multiple or joint diplomas. They typically are offered jointly by two or more participating higher education institutions located in different countries.
Definition source: Bologna Process, the 2012 Implementation Report (p.185)

Joint programmes usually have all or at least some
of the following characteristics:

● the curriculum is jointly developed and approved by the corresponding institutions;
● students from each participating institution study parts of the programme in at least one of the other participating institutions;
● students' stays in the different participating institutions are usually of comparable length;
● periods of study and exams passed at the partner institution(s) are fully and automatically recognised;
● academics of the participating institutions jointly work out the curriculum, form joint admission and examination commissions, and participate in joint teaching activities;
● after completion of the full programme, the student either obtains the national diploma of each participating institution, a double diploma, a multiple diploma, or a joint diploma offered by at least two of the participating higher education institutions.

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joint programme

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