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Work Package 4.9 | Coord. by the University of Granada

As recognised by all major international organisations and networks, terminological consistency is the basis for strong and efficient communication. Based on the state-of-the-art bilingual terminology management tool UGRTerm, developed by terminologists and language policy and internationalisation experts at the University of Granada (https://ugrterm.ugr.es/about-ugrterm/), Arqus Work Package 4.9 will examine the feasibility of upscaling the content and functionality of the database to include the Arqus partners’ languages.

The expected output includes the analysis of existing terminological resources at each partner institution and a feasibility study on the upscaling of UGRTerm, which will study the interoperability of the data. Thereafter, a Work Plan will be laid out for the gradual development of specific terminology collections in the partners’ languages. Finally, by 2025, a fully multilingual termbase containing the compiled terms will be made available.

On this page, deliverables from WP 4.9 will be disseminated as will terminology collections produced by the 4.9 work team or in collaboration with other Arqus action lines. Glossaries will be updated on a regular basis. In addition, publicly available terminology resources related to higher education at the partner institutions will be listed.

Open Arqus Terminology Collections