About Terminology Collections

Arqus Official Multilingual Terminology

This collection contains the official names in English and translations into the partners’ languages of Arqus work packages; action lines; mission and goals; governance, coordination and advisory structures, etc.

Bilingual Partner’s Institutional Terminology

This collection provides the most relevant terminology for the seven institutions in Arqus in the partners’ official languages together with their official English translations. The terms relate to government and academic structures, student services, representative bodies, etc.

 Leipzig University Bilingual Terminology (de, en)

 University of Bergen Bilingual Terminology (no, en)

 University of Granada Bilingual Terminology (es, en)

 University of Graz Bilingual Terminology (de, en)

 University of Lyon Bilingual Terminology (fr, en)

University of Padova Bilingual Terminology (it, en)

 Vilnius University Bilingual Terminology (lt, en)

Arqus ad hoc Glossaries

This collection contains glossaries developed for specific purposes in the context of the Arqus Alliance.

Joint Programme Development English Glossary (WP 3.5)

This glossary defines the main terms used in the context of Arqus Alliance activities related to the development of joint programmes. It should be understood as a common ground for joint and flexible curricula initiatives that aim at fostering student-centred and research-based learning. The glossary will thus help Arqus to innovate in joint programme development in a wide variety of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary areas, building in a step-by-step fashion on existing academic partnerships and the mobility of students and staff.