academic mobility
Creation: September 7, 2022 Modified: November 26, 2022
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Joint Programme Development English Glossary (Arqus I -WP 3.5)

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form of mobility whereby students and academic staff in higher education move to another institution inside or outside the country of their home institution to study, teach or carry out research for a limited time. Mobility can be broadly divided into structured (where institutions agree on activities during the mobility) and free initiative/self-initiated (when mobile participants go on mobility on their own initiative). There are several types of mobility and some of them, depending on the situation, might be attributed to both structured and self-initiated.


Definition source: Arqus Alliance

Examples are included in the following inventory:

● vertical mobility
● bilateral agreement exchange
● free choice summer school
● joint programme mobility
● mobility windows
● joint summer/winter schools;
● joint course/ unit
● bilateral agreement internship
● minor/semester abroad
● group trips (e.g. Twinning activities, etc.)
● virtual mobility
● virtual exchange
● blended mobility
● community and service learning abroad
● international contests
● group projects abroad
● international collaborative projects

Note source: Arqus Alliance

English Terms

academic mobility

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