Arqus Academy Chair
Creation: July 22, 2022
Terminology Collection:

Arqus I (2019-2022) Proprietary Multilingual Terminology

Subject field:

Arqus Governance, Coordination and Advisory Posts

Associated body:

Arqus Academy

English Terms

Arqus Academy Chair

Chair of the AA

French Terms

Président de l'Académie Arqus

German Terms

Vorsitzender der Arqus Academy

Vorsitzende der Arqus Academy

Vorsitz der Arqus Academy

Italian Terms

Presidente dell'Arqus Academy

Lithuanian Terms

Arqus akademijos pirmininkas

Norwegian Terms

Leder for Arqus Academy

Spanish Terms

Presidente de la Academia de Arqus

Presidenta de la Academia de Arqus

Presidente de la AA

Presidenta de la AA