WP2: Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity
Creation: July 22, 2022
Terminology Collection:

Arqus I (2019-2022) Proprietary Multilingual Terminology

Subject field:

Arqus Action Lines and Work Packages

Associated body:

Inclusion Board

English Terms

WP2: Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity

French Terms

WP2: Accessibilité, Inclusion et Diversité

German Terms

AP2: Erweiterter Zugang zur Hochschulbildung, Inklusion und Diversität

Italian Terms

WP2: Accessibilità, Inclusione e Diversità

Lithuanian Terms

WP2: Prieinamumo, įtraukties ir įvairovės didinimas

Norwegian Terms

Arbeidspakke 2: Økt tilgang, inkludering og mangfold

Spanish Terms

PT2: Ampliación del acceso, la inclusión y la diversidad